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Traditional Italian Pizza from Stowmarket

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our story

Authentic Italian Pizza from Stowmarket

    After many years of fascinating experiences in perfecting the art of making Napoletana pizza, according to the highest standards and the best Italian recipe, we have created the perfect dough. We make our pizza with the greatest passion, perfecting the light, delicious taste of thin dough and crispy, puffed edges. Our pizza is made of 100% Italian flour dedicated to Napoletana pizza and matures only under the best conditions. We use the best Italian ingredients to bring the taste of Italy closer to your door!

    At Biga Napoletana Pizzeria, we are delighted to share our achievements with you and give you the chance to taste our authentic Italian pizza.

    As a company, we want to assure you that we do everything to maintain the highest standards and deliver the best pizza to your doorstep. Our valued customers trust our experience and we have never disappointed them. If you haven’t tried our pizza yet, order it as soon as possible and you will love it.

delicious menu

Please tell us about any allergies or ask for an allergy advice when placing your order.

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Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, basil and olive oil



tomato sauce, garlic, oregano, basil and olive oil



Mozzarella, pecorino, mushroom, red onion, basil and olive oil



Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce and pepperoni 


Pepperoni Dolci

Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, pepperoni and hot honey



Mozzarella, guanciale, pasteurised egg yolk, black pepper, parsley and parmesan 



Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, courgette, pepper, tomato, basil and olive oil


Quattro Formaggi

Mozzarella, gorgonzola, pecorino and ricotta



Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, Neapolitan aubergine, tomato, rocket, parmesan, basil and olive oil


Salame Napoli

Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, salame Napoli, dried tomato, basil and truffle olive oil



Mozzarella, pecorino, friarielli, ricotta, mushroom, walnut, aubergine pesto and olive oil


Pepperoni Speciale

Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushroom, pepper and basil 



Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, prosciutto cotto, mushroom, basil and olive oil



Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, parma ham, rocket, tomato, parmesan, basil and olive oil


Salame Spianata Piccante

Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, salame spianata piccante, pepper, red onion, basil and olive oil



Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, salame spinata piccante, nduja, chilli peppers and basil 


Jalapeno Alle Olive

Mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, salami Napoli, leccino olives, jalapeno, basil and olive oil


Salsiccia e Friarielli

Mozzarella, pecorino, friarielli, Italian sausage and olive oil



Mozzarella, pecorino, bombetta sauce, mushroom, pepper, red onion, basil and olive oil


Pera Bianca

Mozzarella, pecorino, pear, gorgonzola, walnut, basil and olive oil


La Perla

Mozzarella, anchovies, capers, tomato, olives, basil and olive oil


Di Carne

Meat feast – mozzarella, pecorino, tomato sauce, basil, pepperoni, parma ham, salame Napoli, salame spianata piccante and prosciutto cotto



Mozzarella, pecorino, tuna, red onion and olive oil


Zucca Piccante

Mozzarella, pumpkin sauce, ricotta, tomato, chilli pesto, onion and hot honey



Garlic Bread


Garlic Bread with Cheese


Chilli Bread with Cheese


Truffle bread with cheese


Italian Food Shop

Bombetta 90g

CHILLI AND VEGETABLES HOT SAUCE Delizie Di Calabria, Ingredients: Mixed Vegetables, calabrian hot pepper, eggplants, artichokes, porcini mushroom, olive oil, salt, white wine vinegar, oregano.


Peperoncini ripieni con Pecorino 170g

CHERRY PEPPERS WITH PECORINO CHEESE (medium hot) Delizie Di Calabria


Nduja 135g

CALABRIAN SPICY SPREADABLE SALAMI  Delizie Di Calabria,   Ingredients: Nduja 90% (pork fat & pork, sweet & spicy Calabrian pepper, salt), olive oil 10%  *Hot


Wafers Cubes

Crispy wafers filled with milk-vanilla cream


Rustic Crisps San Carlo 50g

Italian potato chips 

*check flavours in the shop


Panzerotti cookies

With hazelnut cream


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drinks & Beverages

Coca Cola 330ml


Coca Cola Zero 330ml


San Pellegrino 330ml


Aranciata (Orange) / Limonata (Lemon) / Pompelmo (Grapefruit) / Limone & Menta (Lemon and Mint) / Melograno & Arancia (Pomegranate and Orange) / Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange)

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 500ml


Panna Natural Still Water 500ml


cakes & desserts










Doppio Espresso



Happy customers

“These pizzas are delicious. So authentic. Delivery is always on time and pizzas are piping hot. Ordering is easy, staff are polite and friendly. Will definitely order again.”

Lorna P

Amazing pizza, some of the best I’ve ever tasted, easy to order, friendly owners and very efficient. Even the box the pizza comes in is great. The story of this new company and its owner is equally inspiring as its products. Definately ordering again. Garlic bread also great, love the rosemary on top.

Anna and Roger Eyre

“Fantastic pizzas, garlic bread also excellent. Best pizza I have ever had.Delivered on time and the pizzas were really really hot. Very easy to order.”

Gail A

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Our journey to make our pizzas available for everyone.

Years of training and passion for making Napoletana pizza inspired us to create a family business. From the very beginning, we have been working hard to meet the needs of all our local customers, constantly improving our services. We have expanded our family business and created a take-away pizzeria in Stowmarket that we are very proud of.

What’s the secret with our pizza dough?

The secret to the perfect Pizza Napoletana lies in the dough and baking technique.

Our pizza Napoletana has the highest level of dough fermentation. We follow the original Italian recipe and the dough raises twice, typically, and the shaping of the dough is done with the hands only.  The passion starts in the incredible process of working with the dough. This is the secret of its delicate, thin base.

The years of learning and training, gives us a confidence to deliver your pizza to the highest standard, as they do in Italy. We use high-quality Italian products, like Mozzarella Fior Di Latte or San Marzano tomatoes, and also fresh vegetables and high-quality olive oil.

A special thank you to all our customers.

Everyone at Biga Napoletana Pizzeria would love to thank you for all of your orders and continuous support. It’s been over a year since we started delivering taste of Pizza Napoletana to your homes. Everyday we get more and more happy customers and great reviews about our pizza. That really gives us more power and determination to be able to give you more. Thank you so much to our loyal customers for your continuous support and we are really looking forward to welcoming new ones as well!