About Us

After many years of fascinating experience in perfecting the art of making Napoletana pizza, according to the highest standards and the best Italian recipe, we have created the perfect dough. We are delighted to be able to share our achievements with you.

As a company, we aim to achieve the highest standards of pizza, using the best Italian ingredients bringing the taste of Italy to your door.

Before creating our company, I spent years researching to perfect my dough, improving the methods and techniques of Pizza Napoletana. It has been my love for years! 

I wanted to share this, at first with my friends and later with our valued customers also.  Pizza Napoletana is my passion perfecting the light, delicious taste of thin dough and crisp puffed edge.

My pizza is made 100% with Italian flour dedicated for pizza Napoletana, matured in the only the best conditions.

As the company, we would like to assure you we are doing everything to keep the highest standards and deliver the best pizza to your doorstep!

Our valued customers trust our experience and we have never disappointed them! If you haven’t tried our pizza yet, order it asap and you will love it.